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Our Story

Hi! My name is Paige and I'm the founder of 

I've always loved running my own business. At age 12, I began my journey as a entrepreneur by selling slime on Etsy. When the slime craze ended after a couple of years, I began looking for new opportunities to delight and inspire others.

Earrings have always been my personal jewelry of choice and I love sharing my passion with others! I think that earrings are such a unique item that can add so much to any outfit.

I love the satisfaction of helping others express themself uniquely. I personally choose each set of earrings in my shop and assemble them myself. Making them affordable for everyone is also a priority for me. 

In early 2020, I opened my shop on Etsy. Since then, I've shipped my earrings to over 2,000 customers all over the world in just a few months. I'm proud of my Etsy shop's 5-star rating based on reviews from my wonderful customers.

In November 2020, I launched the website to improve the customer experience and more effectively reach a larger audience. I'm still not sure exactly where this journey will lead. But I'm happy that you're on this journey with me!

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